Top 10 Cartoons Cancelled For Silly Reasons

“Have you ever experienced waiting impatiently for the latest episode of your favorite cartoon, to then finding out that your favorite animated series have stopped airing.”

Starting with your curiosity, you try to find out why your favorite show has been cancelled so sudden. Only to find out that your awaited show has been discontinued for the most ridiculous reasons.

Next we present you Top 10 animated series that are cancelled for ridiculous reasons:

# 10. Lilo & Stitch: The Series (2003-2006)

After the Lilo & Stitch (2002) film became a successful Box Office, the adventures of Lilo & Stitch were re-worked on a TV series. But the Lilo & Stitch series was discontinued on the 65th episode. Due to the controversial Disney (65th Episode Rule) rule, in which the tv show will end on the 65th episode.

# 09. Animaniacs (1993-1998)

Animaniac's famous animation series, the concept was originally intended for children. But because of the many violent scenes and offensive jokes, the WB asked to change to make it safer for children to watch. But this decision actually caused a low rating on the series. So it was then canceled.

# 08. Clone High (2002-2003)

In 2002, MTV aired an animated series where there was a Mahatma Gandhi character in it. This series raises the anger of many Indians. It was later discontinued due to the "Hunger strike" protest by Indian residents to stop the series.

# 07. Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)

The most frightening Cartoon Network series, was forced to discontinue. Because according to some people the cartoon is getting more and more disturbing.

This has left many fans frusturated.

# 06. TRON: Uprising (2012-2013)

Following the release of the film Tron: Legacy. Disney released a version of the animated series which was later stopped during the first season. Many people believe, this is because Disney managed to buy Star Wars franchise, so they don't want to focus anymore on this little sci-fi series.

# 05. Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011-2013)

Bruce Timm is a well-known animator who has always succeeded in working on the DC animated series. In 2011 he worked on the animated series Green Lantern, this series was praised by many people. But it was forced to discontinue due to the disappointing results of live-action version of Green lantern in theaters.

# 04. Invader Zim (2001-2006)

This was a TV animated series which concept was originally intended for children. But the series have gradually attracted more adult audiences than children. The rating is also pretty good.

But in 2006 the series was forced to discontinue because it catered more to adults rather than children.

# 03. The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009)

This Marvel animated series is pretty good and there were a lot of demands from fans.

But in 2009 the series was stopped because Disney managed to buy Marvel. Where it was previously held by Sony.

# 02. Futurama (1999-2013)

According to several sources, the series was cancelled because Fox was inconsistent in the broadcast schedule, which caused fans not knowing when the last episode aired. This resulted in a downgrade of the rating and it was then forced to discontinue in 2013.

# 01. Young Justice (2010-2019)

This DC animated serial rating is pretty good. But turned out it attracted more girl viewers rather than boys. The biggest revenue from the animated series comes from selling toy (action figures). But since girls rarely buy toys, and it’s usually boys, it barely received incomes resulting in the series being cancelled.

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