25 Deadliest Symbiotes other than Venom

“Some of you may not know that there are still many other types of symbiotes that are more dangerous and deadly than Venom.”

We hope that some of these Symbiotes will be brought into live action movies.


Carnage is a far more dangerous, stronger and more violent than all the other enemies that Spider-Man has ever faced.


Mr. Negative trying to cure Eddie Brock's cancer with the mystical power that interfered with the Venom symbiote, so the new symbiote was born in the form of white Venom. This Symbiote has the advantage to camouflage with the environment.

Marcus The Centaur Werewolf

Marcus was an army from ancient Greece which was bitten by werewolves and later merged with Symbiote. Which resulted in Marcus getting all their abilities.


The results of the symbiote clone conducted by Ararat Corporation that gave birth to Mania, a symbiote creature that is more violent and dangerous.

Ultimate Venom

In Project Venom, Eddie Brock Sr. and Richard Parker managed to create a super symbiote armor. But because of a failed test, the Symbiote has a deviant behavior in which it must prey on humans to survive and cause chaos everywhere.


Krobaa is a giant lump-shaped monster originating from planet Klyntar, a homeworld of Venom. Krobaa is a type of reconnaissance symbiote assigned to explore missions.

Scorn (Tanis Nieves)

Scorn is a Symbiote that blends with a woman named Tanis Nieves. Unlike the other Symbiote, Scorn is created through a mix of Biology and Technology. Not only has the same power as Carnage, this symbiote can also be blended with various machines.


Lasher is the result of extracting from 5 Symbiote seeds, created by Life Foundation Corporation to make super troops that protect certain people (rich people) as those who deserve to occupy the earth.


Toxin is a red and black symbiote born from Carnage seedlings. Toxin is feared to be the strongest and most dangerous Symbiote from Carnage and Venom.


Unlike the other Symbiote, Zzzxx has an interest for devouring the brain from its host. This symbiote is listed as one of the strongest and most dangerous in the Galaxy.

Scream (Donna)

Scream is a yellow female symbiote, one of the 5 symbiotes owned by Life Foundation Corporation. Scream uses her "hair" as a weapon to wrap her enemy.


Bizarnage is a type of crystal symbiote of the Cadmus experimental project that has gone wrong in an effort to replicate Alien DNA.

Mayhem (May Parker)

Mayhem is the result of a Symbiote clone that blends with May Parker, the daughter of Spider-man and Mary Jane. Mayhem has all the power that Spider-man and Symbiote has.

2099 Venom (Kron Stone)

2099 Venom is the result of the evolution of Venom which merges with Kron Stone, the son of the director of the notorious Alchemax Corporation. This symbiote, which has been mutated for hundreds of years, has a stronger power than Venom.


This orange and black Symbiote is the result of the Guardian Symbiote program conducted by Life Fondation Corporation in an effort to unite Venom seedlings into the bodies of highly trained killer forces.

Riot (Trevor Cole)

Riot is also the result of the Guardian Symbiote program carried out by the Life Foundation Corporation which blends with Trevor Cole, a killer trained in various forms of hand-to-hand combat, firearms and war tactics.

Agony (Leslie Gesneria)

A purple Symbiote that blends with Leslie Gesneria, a former mercenary security force. Agony has a unique ability that can spit out acids which burn substances.


Knull is the ancestor of Symbiote. He is responsible for the destruction of all civilizations throughout the galaxy. Knull is called the most powerful and craziest symbiote of all Symbiotes.


Hybrid is a combination of several symbiotes. The symbiote is joined together so that it can defeat the Scream symbiote which is known to often kill other symbiotes. Hybrid is able to camouflage and absorb chemicals.

All-Black The Necrosword

The All-Black is a manifestation of the shadow of symbiote god, Knull. This Symbiote takes the form of a sword made of eternal darkness. He was also famously named as the Godslayer because of his ability to kill other gods.

Endo-Sym Armor

Endo-Sym Armor has the same concept as Iron-Ranger, who wears a bio-mechanical iron armor made from cybernatic samples from Carnage. Tony Stark is one of the people who used this armor.

Raze (Claire Dixon)

Raze is a seed from Carnage which blends with Claire Dixon, a former FBI special agent, as part of a ritual involving Darkhold.


It first appeared in Fantastic Four #360, where the ship carrying Symbiote cells had an accident and was stranded in the forest. This Symbiote then blends with the gorilla and attacks the Fantastic Four.

The Grendel

The Grendel is an ancient dragon symbiote that forms the basis for the legend of Beowulf.

N'Jadaka's symbiote

There is a possibility that the suit used by N'Jadaka is actually a symbiote in disguise. It can be seen when N'Jadaka transforms similarly to what other symbiotes usually do. However this will be officially revealed in Black Panther #6.

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