5 Great Scenes That didn't Appear in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

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Mission Impossible Fallout is the sixth sequel of the series Mission: Impossible which is full of great action scenes and stunning moments. But many of those awesome scenes were deleted for the final movie.

Here are 5 awesome scenes that didn't appear in Mission: Impossible - Fallout:

5. Helicopter & Truck

The truck scene from the trailer is the most anticipated scene in the movie, unfortunately this particular scene is deleted in the final movie. It’s the scene where Ethan is driving a helicopter that is about to crash into an on-coming truck.

Looking at how close the helicopter and truck come to crash makes us wonder how Ethan can escape this event.

4. Swinging Over The Crowd

After the halo jump scene, we can see Cruise and Cavill land on the roof of the building.

But the next scene where Cruise swings with a rope over the crowd has been deleted by director Christopher McQuarrie as the duration is too long and it wasn't necessary for the story.

3. Ethan & Zola Fight

During a scene where Ethan and White Widow exit the building, next thing we know they were already inside the car.

However in the deleted scenes before they getting into the car where Ethan gets into fight with Zola and slammed his head onto the car which caused actor frederick smith with a black eye.

2. Walker's Backstory

One of the momentum moments in the movie comes when Walker was angry at Solomon Kane. Originally, McQuarrie plan for this dialogue to be part of a much longer segment where everything in the movie was explained; Walker's backstory, what happened to the plutonium and so on.

However during the screening, many audience hated it because it was too boring, so it was cut. After all the audience doesn't only just want to see their incredible action scenes, but also for their twist and turns.

1. Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner has been involved in the series Mission: Impossible since the Ghost Protocol. Unfortunately, he had to refuse the offer to play as William Brandt on Mission: Impossible - Fallout because of his commitment to Marvel.

This might be very disappointing to fans who would like to see him return to active duty.

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