What the 'Bird Box' Demons Look Like Fully Revealed by the Visual Effects team

“The Netflix hit movie, Bird Box, leaves viewers with many unanswered questions, one of which is what the demons could have looked like?”

Special effects company, SFX Atlas, unintentionally posted an image on Instagram which is a sketch of monsters that was left to languish on the cutting room floor. The image has been deleted, but fans have already grabbed and shared them on social media.

The "Bird Box" screenwriter, Eric Heisserer revealed that the monster was actually intended to be created using the CGI, the monster is what Sandra Bullock's character, Malorie would have seen in a nightmare scene.

The scene was later cut for several reasons, one of which was that the monster's "creepy long fat baby" made Sandra Bullock laugh too much instead of scared.

The "Bird Box" director, Susanne Bier explained to "bloody-disgusting.com", that the demon was meant to enter your deepest fear. But after taking a few shots, the results turned out to be funny instead of being tense. Ultimately, she decided to leave the demon to every audience's imagination.

After all, it seems much better that the demon just has to be hinted through crazy Gary's drawings.

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