CGI Movie Effects People Thought Were Real

“There are actually lots of movies which use CGI effects that you might have not realized yet.”

Here are some movie moments that many people don't know are actually using CGI:

Dakota Johnson - Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

For those who have watched fifty shades of grey, must be familiar with many of the naked scenes in this movie. But according to Dakota Johnson, she wasn’t actually completely naked, during the shoot, she was actually wearing a skin-colored underwear as the rest would be completed by the CGI team.

Nicolas Cage - Ghost Rider (2007)

Nicolas Cage is a big fan of comic books. He even has a Ghost Rider tattoo on his arm. But when Nicolas Cage was chosen to cast in the Ghost Rider, it would be very strange to see a "Ghost Rider" tattoo on his arm.

So the film-maker decided digitally remove his tattoo, as well as adding fake abs to his body.

Ariana Richards - Jurassic Park (1993)

In a scene when Lex was falling and dangling while avoiding the raptor, her body actually used a stunt double as she is too young to do such dangerous act.

And later her face was added with CGI.

Les Miserables (2012)

In order to look perfect and in sync, the actors and actresses were told to use earpieces so they could easily follow the rhythm of the music. These earpieces were later removed digitally.

Paul Reubens - Pee-wee's Big Holiday (2016)

If you watch Pee-wee's Big Holiday (2016) on Netflix, you will be surprised to see that actor Pee-wee hasn’t changed since Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985). That's because the CGI team decided to make Paul Reubens's face younger so that it would look the same as the old Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure from 1985.

Jessica Alba - Machete (2010)

In the shower scene you can see Jesica Alba naked, but in reality she actually wore clothes while shooting this scene. However during post-production, the clothes were digitally removed by the CGI team.

Claire Danes - Homeland (Series)

During the filming of the second season of Homeland series, Claire was actually pregnant with her first child. So the film-maker decided to get rid of Claire's pregnant belly digitally, and also with the help of a substitute actress.

Johnny Depp - Dark Shadows (2012)

In order to create the perfect Vampire character, the CGI team focused on two most important details, in which there should be no blinking and reflection. 700 frames of Johnny Depp blinking have actually been digitally removed, as well as his reflection.

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