20 Comic Characters Most People Didn't Know Were Part of The MCU

“Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of hidden easter eggs that will make their loyal fans smile while watching.”

In this article we will present 20 characters fans haven’t realize who actually appear as cameos or references in every MCU or TV series.

Do you know that the following characters are part of the MCU?

01. Karl Malus - Carnage

In the TV series adaptation of the MCU comic "Jesica Jones", villain Karl Malus got a brief opportunity to become Superior Carnage.

It’s possible that the red glasses he wore was a reference to Carnage.

02. Robert Ford - The Whizzer

In the TV series adaptation of the MCU comic "Jesica Jones", there was a cameo from someone who claimed to be THE WHIZZER.

He is one of the results of the IGH experimentation product, in which he will run super fast when feeling scared.

03. Angela del Toro - White Tiger

In the TV series adaptation of the MCU comic "Jesica Jones", Luke Cage recommended Angela del Toro to investigate cases of missing people, because she is an expert in the field of private investigators.

04. The Darkhold - Chthoon

In the TV series adaptation of the MCU comic "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", there is a mention of a book from the eternal realm of darkness, it’s called "the Book of Sins" or "the Book of Spells", aka "the Darkhold."

05. Phineas Mason - Tinkerer

You'd be forgiven for not realising that this minor Spider-Man villain made his MCU debut in Homecoming, as he looks absolutely nothing like his comic-book counterpart and he doesn't use his supervillain sobriquet.

But, yes, Michael Chernus really did play Phineas Mason, as a kind of sidekick to Michael Keaton's Vulture.

06. Mentor - A'Lars

In the movie Avengers: Infinity War, it was mentioned that Thanos' father is A'lars, who in the comic is known as "Mentor".

07. Borr - Odin Father

There are other realms in MCU comics such as limbo, Hel, and Valhalla.

As we all know, Valhalla is the place where the Asgardians died. And that's where Borr will be.

08. Miles Morales - Spiderman

In 2017, Donald Glover made his MCU debut as "Aaron Davis" in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Aaron Davis is also known as "Prowler" in comics. Davis also has a nephew named Miles Morales. If his uncle shows up at the MCU franchise, chances are that Miles will also be there.

09. Stern - The Leader

In the film The Incredible Hulk, Samuel Sterns was infected with Banner's blood while helping him. In the comic Samuel Sterns is known as "The Leader".

10. Amadeus Cho - Hulk

A 19-year-old Korean American genius who is one of the eight smartest people on Earth, Amadeus Cho is a fan-favourite character who leads the brilliantly-titled Totally Awesome Hulk comic series.

Bizarrely, Cho appears in The Incredible Hulk, played by Martin Starr. As one of the first Asian characters to lead his own Marvel title, it seems weird that he'd be played by a white dude in the movies, let's hope that Cho is recast before he eventually returns to the MCU.


11. Thunderbolt Ross - Red Hulk

General Thaddeus E. 'Thunderbolt' Ross (William Hurt), who first appeared in The Incredible Hulk, turns into a bright red version of the Hulk in the comics, called "imaginatively The Red Hulk".

12. Living Tribunal - Humanoid Cosmic Entity

This is a fairly huge one. When Baron Mordo tells Doctor Strange that his weapon is the staff of the Living Tribunal, it might have seemed like just another made-up name to most people. But it was one of the most shocking lines for die-hard comic readers.

13. Bi-Beast

In the movie Thor: Ragnarok 2017, a face statue on The Tower of Champions is shown, one of which is Bi-Beast's face.

14. Man-Thing

On the TV series adaptation of the MCU comic "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", Man-Thing was mentioned by agent Maria Hill.

And in Thor: Ragnarok, Man-Thing's face sculpture was also shown on The Tower of Champions.

15. Magneto

In the comic, Quicksilver and Scarletwitch are children of magneto.

16. Beta Ray Bill

At Thor: Ragnarok 2017, a face statue on The Tower of Champions is shown, one of which is Beta Ray Bill's face.

And in the comic, Beta Ray Bill has a weapon called Stormbreaker, the same weapon name used by Thor on Avenger: infinity war.

17. Alpha Primitives

In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode “Emancipation”, Hive ordered Dr. Holden Radcliffe to turn regular humans into Inhumans. Radcliffe’s “Alpha Test” resulted in the creation of the lovely creatures you see above dubbed the Primitives. Obedient and powerful, the Primitives were only semi-sentient.

18. Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider

In season four of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we were introduced to Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider. Portrayed by Gabriel Luna, Ghost Rider played an important role in the season’s first half. But, Robbie Reyes is not the only Ghost Rider who appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

19. Hellcow

One of the craziest Marvel characters since Howard The Duck, Hellcow is basically a vampire cow created by Dracula.

In season two of Agents of SHIELD (which is part of the MCU), in the episode 'A Hen in the Wolf House', Hydra is studying "carmine milk" from a 'Hellcow'.

20. James Montgomery - Union Jack

Basically a British version of Captain America, Union Jack first appeared in the comics in the 1970s and has popped up in various books ever since.

He also featured in Captain America: The First Avenger, believe it or not. Union Jack's alter ego, James Montgomery Falsworth, appears as a British POW held captive by HYDRA.

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