All Upcoming Reboots and Remakes Movies 2019

“Even though rebooting or remaking a movie usually ends in disappointment, but in fact, there still are plenty of remakes/reboots that are actually better than the original movies.”

There are actually more reboots and remakes movies that were released in 2019 compared to 2018. Whether each of these movies will be better than their predecessors, remains to be seen.

But if you are interested or curious about what is going to be released in 2019, here are every remake and reboot heading to movie theaters over the next 12 months.

The Hustle (2019)

Release Date: May 10

A remake of the 1988 comedy, "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", in which Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway will star as the main characters, but there is no plot has been revealed yet.

What Men Want (2019)

Release Date: February 8

In 2000, Mel Gibson had the ability to hear women's thoughts in "What Women Want". In this remake version, it's Taraji P. Henson, who will get the ability to hear men's thoughts.

The Upside

Release Date: January 11

The Upside is the third remake of the French film "The Intouchables". With this version starring Bryan Cranston as Phillip Lacasse, a wealthy paraplegic, and Kevin Hart as Dell Scott, an ex-con who was hired to help Phillip.

Grudge (2019)

Release Date: June 21

This movie has several layers of remaking/reboot. First, there was the "Ju-On" film series from Japan, in 1998. Then the American remake version, "The Grudge", came in 2004. Now 10 years after "The Grudge 3", "Grudge" returns with brand-new ghosts and mythology.

Charlie's Angels (2019)

Release Date: November 1

The new Charlie's Angels reboot will once again follow the trio of women fighting crime who are given their assignments by the mysterious Charlie. This time, the protagonist is played by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.

The Addams Family (2019)

Release Date: October 11

"The Addams Family" first appeared on the big screen in 1993. This new version will see the lives of the ooky characters unraveling as they face reality TV host as they prepare their extended family to arrive for a big celebration. The voice cast includes Oscar Isaac as Gomez, Charlize Theron as Morticia, Finn Wolfhard as Puglsey, Nick Kroll as Uncle Fester, Bette Midler as Grandmama and Allison Janney as Margaux Needler.

Dumbo (2019)

Release Date: March 29

Dumbo first appeared in a short film in 1941. This live action remake of Dumbo stars Colin Farrell as Holt Farrier, a World War I veteran hired to look after the eponymous baby elephant, Danny DeVito as Max Medici, circus leader and circus owner where Dumbo lives and Michael Keaton as VA Vandemere, a cruel businessman who wants to exploit Dumbo's extraordinary ability to fly.

Call of the Wild (2019)

Release Date: December 25

Jack London wrote many great stories throughout his life, and the most popular is the novel "Call of the Wild", which was about a named Buck being stolen and sold as a sled carrier dog, which requires him to become tough and feral to survive. "Call of the Wild" has been adapted as a feature presentation four times already, and the fifth will be a live action/CGI feature starring Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Karen Gillan and Terry Notary.

Child's Play (2019)

Release Date: June 21

The new "Child's Play" movie starring Aubrey Plaza as a mother who gave her son a doll for his birthday, and like in the original "Child's Play", this doll has a tendency to kill people. Unlike "Child's Play: The TV Series", Brad Dourif won't be voicing the killer doll, making it feel more separate from the original movie.

Hellboy (2019)

Release Date: April 12

Although "Hellboy III" wasn't able to get off the ground, but the new version of Big Red will be released soon in theaters, which are played by David Harbor. This "Hellboy" reboot is rumored to be more darker compared to the Guillermo del Toro version.

Aladdin (2019)

Release Date: May 24

Unlike "Dumbo", Aladdin's live action remake is inherent relatively close to the original 1992 animated story, although with some new characters cast. The protagonist played by Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and Will Smith.

Pet Sematary (2019)

Release Date: April 5

"Pet Sematary" is one of Stephen King's most famous novels, and the first movie adaptation came out in 1989. Instead of taking a lot of creative freedom, the new "Pet Sematary" followed the original story quite closely, with a doctor and his family moving to the country and finding the grave of a pet that rests on an ancient burial ground that is able to raise the dead.

The Lion King (2019)

Release Date: July 19

After seeing how well Jon Favreau did by recreating "The Jungle Book", Disney commissioned the director to handle the all-CGI version of "The Lion King". The new "Lion King" followed the original story closely, although it is certain that there will be new elements. This remake will star Donald Glover and Beyonce among others.

Which remake/reboot are You most looking forward to?

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