7 Creepiest Characters in Children Cartoons

“These creepy characters from animated movies for kids are legitimately terrifying.”

They are evil, messed-up, and a nightmare-fuel-injected cartoon terror.

Here are 7 most terrifying characters in children cartoons:

7. Verminous Skumm - Captain Planet and The Planeteers

This rat-faced mutant has turned many people into a giant rat by poisoning their water resources. He also caused one of the Planeteers overdosed on drugs. That's pretty savage for a Saturday Morning cartoon villain.

6. Freaky Fred - Courage the Cowardly Dog

Fred is a psycho who is obsessed with shaving animal hairs. We can see how he practically torture Courage by shaving his feathers when they were trapped in the bathroom.

5. King Ramses - Courage the Cowardly Dog

King Ramses is the ghost of a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt. He will give 3 deadly curses to the Bagge family if his stolen ancient slab are not returned. Although this character was made with a low quality CG, his character still totally gives us the nightmare.

4. Hexadecimal - ReBoot

Hexadecimal (Queen of Chaos) is a computer virus that can cause destruction on all networks. He usually appears while wearing horrifying masks depending on his mood.

3. Scarecrow - Batman The Animated Series

With his expertise in mixing chemicals, Dr. Crane managed to create a toxin that can lead to hallucinations based on to the victims deepest phobias. Even the Dark Knight himself is not immune to this toxin.

2. Koh The Face Stealer – Avatar: The Last Airbender

This creature comes with a creepy insect-like body and steals the face of its victims. It will use those stolen faces to express his mood.

1. Him - The Power Puff Girl

He is the king of darkness. He has been shown in numerous satanic forms as well. He never ceases to remind viewers that he is the evil incarnate, he does this by demonstrating the limitless power at his disposal or just by that warped and unnerving voice.

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