Spider-Man: Far From Home ALL EASTER EGGS (Trailer Analysis)

“Whatever happens in the Avengers: Endgame, it looks like Peter Parker will be fine.”

In the movie, Peter Parker travels to Europe with his friends. While abroad, he was recruited by Nick Fury to work together to fight the high-powered supervillains.

What things might happen to this movie? Let's break it all down with some small details you may have missed in the first trailer.

Peter's Passport

The first Far From Home trailer, we see a close-up look at Peter Parker's passport. Although the passport does not have a special year on the date section, it does include references to the origins of Spider-Man's real-life comic book.

What you might not realize is that August 10 really is the day that Spider-man was born, with the character first appeared in a comic book on that date, in 1962.

Uncle Ben Reference

When Peter gets ready for his trip to Europe, we can see him packing his stuffs in the suitcase with the initials "BFP". We can assume that this suitcase belongs to the late uncle "Ben F Parker", implying that wherever Peter goes on his adventures, he will always carry a part of Uncle Ben with him.

Black and Red Suit

The Far From Home trailer also shows Peter with a sleek new suit, designed in red and black, including webbed winglike accessories that are threaded under the sleeves.

The web wing is part of Spiderman's first design from co-creator Steve Ditko, and it also generally looks a lot like the suits in Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man #15.

Noir Suit

We get a glimpse of a new stealthy looking black costume as spider-man seems to be wearing during a night mission. It's safe to assume it came from Nick Fury, but we'll have to wait until we see the movie to know for sure.

Meanwhile, this can be seen as yet another reference to a couple of Spidey looks from the comics the Spider-Man Noir suit and of course Spider-man's original black suit.

The Monsters References

The trailer includes a glimpse of some elemental monsters, including entities made of water, fiery monsters, and giant bruisers that seem to be made of sand.

All of those monsters seem to refer to some of the villains from Spider-Man's past comics, including Hydro-Man, Molten-Man and Sandman.

Mysterio's motives

Mysterio has long been known as Spider-Man's villain, but here he shows up to fight along side with Peter unexpectedly.

In the comic, Mysterio is a stunt-man and special effects expert in the movie business who uses the illusion of science to appear as if he is using real magic, usually for criminal activities.

In the trailer, after Mysterio appeared to take over the fight against a giant monster made of water, his exploitation ended in a news broadcast. Of course, maybe Mysterio is here to help, but what if he used a high-tech illusion to make this fight happen?

The Elementals

What about the monsters Spider-Man was battling off? Well, one possibilities that they're nothing more than an illusion Mysterio set up by himself in order to fight against him and play the hero. But another is that there are characters in a comic known as "The Elementals", there are four of them, Hellfire, Zephyr, Magnum and Hydron.

Maria Hill's back

Many fans are upset that Far From Home is being marketed with all of these characters being alive without knowing the answers about how they're alive.

But even so, Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill) has confirmed that she will return for the "Homecoming" sequel. But what will she do on the side of the Spiderman of the MCU? SHIELD stuff, maybe - it's hard to guess, because the only shot you get from her in the trailer never shows her face.

Pepper Potts' Signature

It's almost interesting how determined the Far From Home trailer is to ignore the events of "Infinity War", as if Peter Parker is not dead when the teaser was released. Peter's worlds further collide when Happy Hogan, shows up to the fundraiser with a giant check signed by Pepper Potts.

It seems to imply that whatever happens in the Avengers: Endgame, Pepper Potts will be alive, if not, this reference will be a little morbid. One thing that is not clear is what happened to Tony Stark. Tony was a big part of Peter's life in "Homecoming" and "Infinity War", and the presence of Happy and Pepper with no Tony Stark in sight seems a little bit worrisome. But we don't want to draw conclusions yet.

Spider-Man: Far From Home, Release Date: Jul 5, 2019 (In Theaters)

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