The Reasons Why Venom Sequel Will Blow You Away

“Will Venom 2 improve upon its predecessor? A lot, potentially.”

When fans got their first look at Venom, the reviews were polarized violently and discussions about the movie were largely manifested as memes. It becomes a moment of pop culture itself, even though it's weird. But it was a big success, and that means Sony is preparing a sequel.

Let's see the reason why Venom sequel will blow you away.

There is "Carnage"

After coming into contact with Venom symbiote, Kasady becomes Carnage, a raging red-blood monster. He is known as Venom's mortal enemy. Needless to say, Carnage appearing on the big screen at Venom 2 will be a badass movie.

Woody Harrelson's Role

Carnage's appearance in the Venom sequel was teased by the movie's mid-credit scene. Woody Harrelson appears as Cletus Kasady, where Brock is asked to interview him in prison.

The actor confirmed to Collider that he had signed a contract for Venom and its sequel, the opportunity to work with Hardy and also to work again with his Zombieland director, Ruben Fleischer.

Morbius Incoming

In 2018, the studio made an announcement that Jared Leto would star in Morbius movie. Morbius the Living Vampire has appeared in Spider-Man comics since the 70s.

Very little is known about the plot, it doesn't even having an official release date yet. But Sony is quite guaranteed to connect these two antiheroes in their efforts to keep up in the Cinematic Universe.

Cinematic Universe

While Marvel Studios has prepared a strategy for the MCU, Sony seems to take a very different way from the Spider-Man franchise.

Into the Spider-Verse was released and became one of the best animated movies in 2018. It not only does justice to Miles Morales's character, but it also supports him with the ensemble of all the "alternative dimensions" of spider-folk, all while telling a story that will surely please fans of all ages with animated styles like no big screen ever seen.

The audiences got a special preview of Spider-Verse after the Venom final credit two months earlier, with a scene from the animated movie introduced by the title, "Meanwhile, in another universe."

Spidey Cameo

We know that Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson were contracted to star in the sequel of Venom, but that's all we really know for sure. Jeff Pinkner, co-writer of the first movie, revealed that it was not impossible for Spider-Man to play an important role in Venom movie.

With Spider-Verse growing rapidly, a potential cameo by the Web-Slinger could take many forms. Maybe Tom Holland's MCU, Peter Parker will stop by, or maybe the incarnation of another alternative universe will be the foil to Hardy's Eddie Brock.

Tom Hardy's Performance

Tom Hardy is one of the most respected actors of our time. It's not surprising that Venom is perfect for an adventurous actor like Tom Hardy. Even though most of his favorite material didn't make the final cut. Maybe the sequel will give him more room to play.


A movie about Venom should be dark, and it could definitely get violent. When the MPAA rated the finished product not with a hard R rating, but with a more crowd-friendly PG-13, it made a certain amount of disappointment for some people. Even if Venom sequel is another PG-13, more intense footage can be saved in the uncut home video version.

The Origin is Complete

The origin of superheroes is very complicated. That is why comic history is full of reboots, and redesigning. It's also why Venom movie plot sometimes messy. If you look at the reviews, you will find that the structure of the story is one of the most frequently criticized elements.

Sometimes, superhero sequels are stronger than their predecessor. Thor: Ragnarok proves that the third sequel was a hit, and The Dark Knight undoubtedly topped Batman Begins.

An origin story is sometimes obligated to reach a certain checkpoint on the hero's journey to become a superhero, while the sequel can fly free of such constraints into the more satisfying narrative area. That's why Venom 2 has the perfect opportunity to overcome the biggest issues of the first movie.

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