Instant Family (2018) Blu-ray / DVD Release Date

Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Sean Anders
Written By: Sean Anders, John Morris

The Instant Family is a film that tells the story of a couple, Pete and Ellie, who will have three new wild family members, Lizzy, Juan and Lita.

This comedy genre film will be played by Mark Wahlberg as Pete. In addition to Mark, this film also starred actress Rose Byrne who will portray as Ellie.

 Instant Family
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Release Date:
February 19, 2019


Dvd / Blu-Ray
Release Date:
March 5, 2019

  • Mark Wahlberg as Pete
  • Rose Byrne as Ellie
  • Isabela Moner as Lizzy
  • Gustavo Quiroz as Juan
  • Julianna Gamiz as Lita
  • Octavia Spencer as Karen
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